Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Using the DirectX 9.0 Documentation

The following conventions are used in the syntax of methods, functions, and other application programming interface (API) elements, as well as typographic conventions used in explanatory material and sample code.

FULL BOLD CAPITALSUsed for most type and structure names.
FULL CAPITALS Used for enumeration values, flags, and constants.
Bold textDenotes a function, procedure, structure, macro, interface, method, data type, or other keyword in the programming interface or language.
Italic textDenotes a placeholder or variable. You must provide the actual value. For example, the statement SetCursorPos(x,y) requires you to substitute values for the x and y parameters.
Used for code examples, syntax spacing, and user input.
[]Encloses optional parameters.
...Specifies that the preceding item may be repeated or represents an omitted portion of text or sample.


Represents an omitted portion of a sample application.

Printing Help Files

To print the software development kit (SDK) Help files, open the Help files, and then select File, and Print, which opens the Print Topics dialog box.

Print Topics dialog box

Choose either Print the selected topic or Print the selected heading and all subtopics and click OK.

To print C++ graphics files, for example, the Help files can be opened from Start, Programs, Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK, DirectX SDK Help, DirectX Documentation for C++ or by double-clicking on the Help file installed during the SDK install at C:\DXSDK\doc\DirectX9\.

If the pages are being cut off on the right side when printing, decrease the font size so that the text does not exceed the right page margin. You can do this by clicking the Font button one or more times to choose a smaller font size before opening the Print Topics dialog box.

Location of the Font button

Searching the Help Files

To begin a search, click the Search tab. Type in the word or phrase you are looking for. To do partial word searches, use the * wildcard. For example, a search for "DPNERR*" returns all of Microsoft?DirectPlay?error codes that begin with DPNERR.

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