Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ReadFFE Sample


The ReadFFE sample program enumerates and plays all of the Microsoft?DirectInput?force-feedback effects stored in a DirectInput effects file created by the Force Editor.


Source: (SDK root )\Samples\C++\DirectInput\ReadFFE

Executable: (SDK root )\Samples\C++\DirectInput\ReadFFE.exe

Media: (SDK root )\Samples\Multimedia\Media\*.ffe

User's Guide

Click Read File and open an existing Force Feedback Effects (FFE) file. If it was successfully read, click Play Effects to play the effects on the force-feedback device. FFE files can be authored using the Force Feedback Editor utility packaged with the Microsoft DirectX® software development kit (SDK).

Programming Notes

For each file effect enumerated, the EnumAndCreateEffectsCallback function initializes an IDirectInputEffect pointer and adds it to a linked list. The OnPlayEffects function traverses this list and plays all effects.

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