Microsoft DirectX 9.0

FFConst Sample


The FFConst sample program applies raw forces to a force-feedback input device, illustrating how a simulator-type application can use force feedback to generate forces computed by a physics engine.

You must have a force-feedback device connected to your system in order to run the application.


Source: (SDK root )\Samples\C++\DirectInput\FFConst

Executable: (SDK root )\Samples\C++\DirectInput\Bin\FFConst.exe

User's Guide

When you run the application, it displays a window with a crosshair and a black spot in it. Click anywhere within the window's client area to move the black spot. (Note that moving the device itself does not do anything.) FFConst exerts a constant force on the device from the direction of the spot, in proportion to the distance from the crosshair. You can also hold down the mouse button and move the spot continuously.

Programming Notes

This sample program enumerates the input devices and acquires the first force-feedback device that it finds. If none are detected, it displays a message and terminates.

When the user moves the black spot, the joySetForcesXY function converts the cursor coordinates to a force direction and magnitude. This data is used to modify the parameters of the constant force effect.

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