Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Writing an Alternative Renderer

Microsoft DirectShow provides a window-based video renderer; it also provides a full-screen renderer in the run-time installation. You can use the DirectShow base classes to write alternative video renderers. For alternative renderers to interact correctly with DirectShow-based applications, the renderers must adhere to the guidelines outlined in this article. You can use the CBaseRenderer and CBaseVideoRenderer classes to help follow these guidelines when implementing an alternative video render. Because of the ongoing development of DirectShow, review your implementation periodically to ensure that the renderers are compatible with the most recent version of DirectShow.

This article discusses many notifications that a renderer is responsible for handling. A brief review of DirectShow notifications might help to set the stage. There are essentially three kinds of notifications that occur in DirectShow:

This article discusses the responsibility of the renderer filter in handling stream notifications it receives and in sending appropriate Filter Graph Manager notifications.