Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Writing a DVD Application in C++

This article describes the main steps in creating a DVD application in C++. Most of the code examples presented here are from the DirectShow 8.0 DVD sample application, located in the sample directory in the DirectShow SDK. This article contains the following sections. For background information on basic general concepts in DVD, see DVD Basics.

If you wish to use the Video Control and MSVidWebDVD object, refer to the MSVidWebDVD scripting reference pages

NOTE   Neither Windows XP nor the DirectX SDK offers an MPEG-2 decoder for writing DVD applications. Many DVD hardware providers offer hardware or software decoding options, and many DVDs come packaged with a DVD decoder. Be sure to check that your target machine can support DVD decoding by trapping errors such as VFW_E_DVD_DECNOTENOUGH (in C++).