Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Working with Codecs

Microsoft Windows provides several codecs as operating system components. The available codecs always include those that ship with whichever version of the DirectX and Windows Media Player was included in the Windows release. Additional codecs may be installed when newer versions of DirectX or Windows Media Player or the Windows Media SDK runtimes are installed. Third parties may install additional codecs on a host system; these codecs may be designed to work only with a particular application, or they may support general use by any DirectShow application.

Codecs may be implemented in one of three different ways:

In GraphEdit, all these different types of codecs appear together under the following categories:

Many of these codecs, however, are installed by third parties, or by other Microsoft applications or operating system components, and are not meant for use by other DirectShow applications. The list of codecs visible in GraphEdit also depends on which version of Windows is running on the host system, and which version of the DirectShow SDK is installed.