Microsoft DirectX 9.0

What's New in DirectShow 8.1?

New and Improved Samples

In DirectX 8.1, DirectShow adds some great new samples and also incorporates many enhancements and refinements to the existing DirectX 8.0 samples. Improvements to existing samples include:

New samples for DirectX 8.1 include:

Updated Documentation

The DirectShow documentation has been significantly enhanced for DirectX 8.1. It adds information for the new features available in Windows XP, and expands on previously presented material for the Microsoft TV Technologies. For Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 1, miscellaneous improvements have been made to video capture and filter development documentation.

Modified SampleGrabber Filter Source Code

There have been several requests for Microsoft to publish the source code for the popular SampleGrabber filter. To that end, we now provide a modified (simpler) version of the sample grabber filter, which uses a new GUID and new CLSID to prevent collisions with the original DirectX 8.0 filter. You can review and modify the source code for this filter and use it in your own applications. See the Filters\Grabber directory for more information.

Run-Time Improvements

The DirectX 8.1 binaries and redist files have received various bug fixes since the DirectX 8.0 release, including a large subset of the modifications that were made for Windows XP.

Revised GraphEdit Application

The GraphEdit utility benefits from several improvements, particularly with respect to its user interface, menus, and toolbar. These improvements include: