Microsoft DirectX 9.0

What's New in DirectMusic

The DirectMusic application programming interface (API) has not been significantly revised for DirectX 9.0. However, many performance enhancements have been made. The most significant of these is a new low-latency DirectSound sink, which enables DirectMusic to attain much quicker response when using audiopaths that play through the software synthesizer. This enhancement is of particular interest to sound designers and composers who want to take advantage of the rich DirectMusic feature set but who also require low latency for quick interactive response. For more information, see Reducing Latency.

Several new features have been added to content created in DirectMusic Producer. For example, streamed waves in wave tracks can now be looped for the easier creation of ambient sounds, and looping can be done in clock time so that looping waves are not affected by tempo changes. For more information, see What's New in This Release in the DirectMusic Producer Help.

A large library of DirectMusic styles has been added to the SDK, along with an application for auditioning them.

In addition, two new tools have been made available in the \bin\DXUtils\AppWizard folder of the SDK installation:

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