Microsoft DirectX 9.0

What Background Do I Need to Write a DVD Application?

All application developers should have a basic familiarity with the features provided by DVD technology such as parental management levels, multiple audio and subpicture streams, and angle blocks. DVD Basics briefly describes each of these features; more complete descriptions are available in third-party publications. You don't need to refer to the DVD specification unless you intend to implement advanced features beyond the Annex J command set.

C/C++ developers using the Microsoft® DirectShow® Component Object Model (COM) application programming interface (API) should be familiar with COM client programming techniques such as creating COM objects and obtaining and releasing COM interface pointers. You might also need a general knowledge of filter graph operations, because you might need to access and manipulate the graph directly.

If you are using Microsoft® Visual Basic®, Microsoft® JScript®, or Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), you should be familiar with the basics of hosting Microsoft® ActiveX® controls within an application. Writing a Script-Based DVD Application shows how to embed the control in a Web page and receive event notifications from it.