Microsoft DirectX 9.0

VMRPlayer Sample


This sample uses the Video Mixing Renderer filter to alpha blend one or two running videos and a static image.

Two versions of this sample are available, one for the VMR-7 and one for the VMR-9.


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\VMR\VMRPlayer

Executable: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Bin\VMRPlayer.exe


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\VMR9\VMRPlayer

Executable: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Bin\VMRPlayer9.exe

User Guide's

To open the first video, choose Open Primary Stream from the File menu. To open a second video, choose Open Secondary Stream from the File menu (you must open the primary stream first). To play the video, click the Play button.

You can set the position, size, and alpha values of the videos by selecting Primary Stream or Secondard Stream from the VMR Properties menu.

To add a static bitmap over the video, choose Static App Image from the VMR Properties menu and click the Display App Image box. You can use the same dialog to control the position, size, and alpha value of the bitmap.

To capture the blended video image, choose Capture Bitmap Image from the VMR Properies menu.

You can also specify the primary image stream from the command line:

VMRPlayer /P filename

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