Microsoft DirectX 9.0

VMRMix Sample

This topic applies to Windows XP only.


This sample demonstrates using the Video Mixing Renderer Filter 7 (VMR-7) in mixing mode. The application shows how to mix several video sources, alpha blend a static bitmap, and manage the source and destination rectangles for each video stream.


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\VMR\VMRMix

Executable: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Bin\VMRMix.exe

User's Guide

When the application starts, it prompts you to specify a directory that contains at least two video files. You can also specify various playback options, including the number of video streams to mix, the size of the playback window, and whether to display a static bitmap.

To start playback, click the Play button. Playback continues until the end of the longest file, or until you close the playback window.


This application was originally created as a stress test, so it can use significant system resources. If video playback is slow or freezes, try selecting fewer sources and turning off the option for full-screen mode.