Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidWebDVD.SelectDefaultAudioLanguage Method

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The SelectDefaultAudioLanguage method sets the current default audio language in the MSVidWebDVD object.


  lang As Long,
  ext As Long



Specifies the language as a Long LCID value. See the table under Working with LCIDs for possible values.


Specifies the DVD audio language extension as a Long value. The following table shows possible values.

Value Description
0 Not specified
1 Captions
2 Visually impaired
3 Director comments 1
4 Director comments 2

Return Values

This method does not return a value.

Error Codes

If the property fails, Err.Number may be set to one of the following values.

Value Description
E_UNEXPECTED Unspecified error.
E_INVALIDARG lang or ext are invalid.
VFW_E_DVD_INVALIDDOMAIN The DVD Navigator filter is not in the Stop domain.


oVidWebDVD.SelectDefaultAudioLanguage(lang, ext)

Valid Domains

The following table shows the Annex J command name to which this method name corresponds, and the domains in which this method is valid.

Annex J Command Name Valid Domains

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