Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Video Control Objects (C++)

This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The following tables list the Video Control objects, grouped by functionality.

Video Control

The Video Control (MSVidCtl) is the primary object that a television application uses to display television, tune to channels, and so forth.

Object Description
MSVidCtl Represents the Video Control.


Devices represent components that the Video Control uses to display television. Devices include input devices, such as tuners, and output devices, such as audio renderers and video renderers.

Object Description
MSVidAnalogTunerDevice Represents a non-BDA analog TV tuner.
MSVidAudioRenderer Represents the audio renderer.
MSVidBDATunerDevice Represents a BDA-compatible TV tuner.
MSVidFilePlaybackDevice Represents a file-playback filter.
MSVidStreamBufferSink Represents a stream buffer output device.
MSVidStreamBufferSource Represents a stream buffer source device.
MSVidVideoRenderer Represents the video renderer.


Features represent additional functionality that an application can activate, such as closed captioning and IP data services.

Object Description
MSVidClosedCaptioning Represents the closed captioning feature.
MSVidDataServices Represents the data services feature.
MSVidEncoder Represents the encoder feature.


Collection objects manage collections of other objects.

Object Description
MSVidAudioRendererDevices Represents a collection of audio renderers.
MSVidFeatures Represents a collection of features.
MSVidInputDevices Represents a collection of input devices.
MSVidOutputDevices Represents a collection of output devices.
MSVidVideoRendererDevices Represents a collection of video renderers.

Helper Objects

The following helper objects are used by other Video Control objects.

Object Description
Broadcast Event Service Handles broadcast events for the Filter Graph Manager.
MSVidRect Represents a rectangle with an associated window.

Abstract Classes

The following objects represent abstract classes. They are never directly instantiated, and exist only to support polymorphism.

Object Description
MSVidInputDevice Represents an input device.
MSVidOutputDevice Represents an output device.
MSVidVideoInputDevice Represents a video input device.
MSVidFeature Represents a feature supported by the Video Control.