Microsoft DirectX 9.0

VBVideoControl Sample

This topic applies to Windows XP only.

This sample demonstrates using the Microsoft Video Control in Visual Basic to view analog or digital television in a window.

When VBVideoControl launches, it presents you with a list of network providers. Choose a network provider that is available in your area (such as ATSC Digital Antenna TV) and click the Power On button. VBVideoControl will attempt to build a filter graph with the selected network provider. If successful, it will update the Visual Basic form to display additional buttons, which you may use to change channels, adjust volume, display device information, and select tuners. You may click Power Off to clear the form and select another tuner.

Note   It may take several seconds to completely build the digital television filter graph, so please be patient.


(SDK root)\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow_WinXP\VideoControl\VisualBasic