Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Using Transitions

To avoid a sudden and perhaps discordant break when stopping one segment and beginning another, or when bringing the music to a close, you can have the composer object create an intermediate or closing segment that provides an appropriate transition.

You have your choice of three techniques for composing transitional segments:

The AutoTransition and ComposeTransition methods both take a chordmap, a command, and a set of flags as parameters:

Transitions created by AutoTransition and ComposeTransition are normally a single measure in length. However, they can be longer if the DMUS_COMPOSEF_LONG flag is included and the embellishment in the style is more than one measure long. They also contain at least two measures if they are of type DMUS_COMMANDT_ENDANDINTRO.

DirectMusic also provides many options for controlling the timing of transitions from one segment to another. For more information, see the following topics: