Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Using Templates

A template is a segment that can be used in composing a playable segment of music at run time. The template sets the length of the segment and any loop points. It can provide the command track, which controls changes in the groove level and the choice of embellishment patterns. It also prescribes how the chordmap is used in composing the segment, by specifying from which signpost group each new chord must come. For a conceptual overview, see Templates.

There are two ways to obtain a template:

After you have obtained a template segment object, you can pass it to the IDirectMusicComposer8::ComposeSegmentFromTemplate method, along with pointers to a style and a chordmap. You also supply a rate of harmonic motion, which sets the frequency of chord changes. The ComposeSegmentFromTemplate method creates a segment and returns a pointer to its IDirectMusicSegment interface.

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