Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Using Effects

DirectX provides support for effects processing of sounds by DirectX Media Objects (DMOs). A standard set of effects is available to every DirectX application. Other DMOs can be registered on the system.

All the standard DMOs except Waves reverberation can process 8- or 16-bit PCM data with one or two channels at any sample rate supported by DirectSound. Waves reverberation does not support 8-bit samples.

To implement effects, a DirectSound application must first call CoInitialize to initialize COM. Doing so does not preclude creating the device object by using DirectSoundCreate8.

Using the DirectSound API, it is not possible to create chains of effects, where the output of multiple buffers is mixed into another buffer containing an effect. Buffer chains are available, however, in content authored for DirectMusic. For more information, see Buffer Chains.

The following topics contain information on setting up and using effects: