Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Transmit DV from File to Tape

Transmit from DV AVI file to VTR tape is complicated somewhat by the fact that files can type-1 or type-2. To transmit a DV file to tape, do the following:

  1. Create an instance of the MSDV Driver filter. For more information, see Selecting a Capture Device.
  2. Initialize the Capture Graph Builder, as described in About the Capture Graph Builder.
  3. Build the graph, depending on the file type:
  4. Put the device into record-pause mode, as described in Controlling a DV Camcorder.
  5. Pause the filter graph. While the filter graph is paused, it sends a continuous stream that repeats the first frame of video.
  6. To start transmitting, put the device into record mode and then run the filter graph. It takes the device a certain amount of time until the recording head is able to record, so wait for about two seconds before running the graph. This might result in a few duplicated frames at the beginning of the tape, but it ensures that no data is lost.

Note   The camcorder must in VTR mode. See Device Type.