Microsoft DirectX 9.0

The Power of DirectMusic

DirectMusic does much more than simply play sounds. It provides a complete system for implementing a dynamic soundtrack that takes advantage of hardware acceleration, Downloadable Sounds (DLS), DirectX Media Objects (DMOs), and advanced 3-D positioning effects.

By using the DirectMusic interfaces in your application, you can do the following:

If you use source files from DirectMusic Producer, you can do much more:

These capabilities are the ones most often used by mainstream applications. DirectMusic is designed to be used easily for the basic tasks, but it also allows low-level access to those who need it. It is also extensible. Specialized applications can implement new objects at virtually every stage on the audiopath, such as the following:

DirectMusic delivers full functionality on Microsoft Windows® 98 and Microsoft Windows 2000. Support for hardware synthesizers is available only on Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, and later operating systems. The default Microsoft software synthesizer is always available.

Although DirectMusic loads and plays WAV files, applications that need highly optimized performance or low-level control over sound buffers can still use the DirectSound API. For a comparison of the two APIs, see DirectSound and DirectMusic.