Microsoft DirectX 9.0

SystemTuningSpaces Object

The SystemTuningSpaces object represents the collection of tuning spaces installed on the host system.

Interfaces ITuningSpaceContainer
Outgoing Event Interfaces None.
CLSID CLSID_SystemTuningSpaces


This object is used by installation applications or some other component to create new tuning spaces or enumerate or modify existing ones. A Guide Store Loader creates this object as the first step in the creation of tune requests. After creating the object, the loader uses the ITuningSpaceContainer interface to obtain an IEnumTuningSpaces collection of the tuning spaces installed on the host system. The loader then enumerates this collection to obtain the desired tuning space, then calls QueryInterface on that tuning space to obtain the required network-specific interface. It then uses this interface to create all tune requests for any program or service located in the tuning space.

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