Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Summary of Notifications

This section lists the filter graph notifications that a renderer can send.

Event notification Description
EC_ACTIVATE Sent by video renderers in full-screen rendering mode for each WM_ACTIVATEAPP message received.
EC_COMPLETE Sent by renderers after all data has been rendered.
EC_DISPLAY_CHANGED Sent by video renderers when a display format changes.
EC_PALETTE_CHANGED Sent whenever a video renderer detects a palette change in the stream.
EC_REPAINT Sent by stopped or paused video renderers when a WM_PAINT message is received and there is no data to display. This causes the Filter Graph Manager to generate a frame to paint to the display.
EC_USERABORT Sent by video renderers to signal a closure that the user requested (for example, a user closing the video window).
EC_VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED Sent by video renderers whenever a change in native video size is detected.
EC_WINDOW_DESTROYED Sent by video renderers when the filter is removed or destroyed so that resources that depend on window focus can be passed to other filters.