Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IAMTimelineSplittable.SplitAt2 Method

The SplitAt2 method splits the object at the specified time.


    Time As Double



Time at which to split the object, relative to the timeline, in seconds.

Error Codes

If the method fails, an error is raised, and Err.Number can be set to one of the following values:

Value Description
E_INVALIDARG The object does not exist at this time.
E_OUTOFMEMORY Insufficient memory.


If you split a source, effect, or transition, this method creates a second object of the same type. The original object is truncated at the specified split time, and the new object replaces the truncated portion. The new object inherits all of the same properties. In a source object, the method also splits any effects that fall on the split time.

Calling this method on a track splits all the sources, effects, and transitions that are contained in the track at the specified split time. It does not create a second track (a track begins at time zero and extends to infinity).

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