Microsoft DirectX 9.0

SetGPRM Method

The SetGPRM method sets the specified general parameter register to the specified value.


MSWebDVD.SetGPRM(iIndex, nValue);



Specifies the general parameter register to set as an Integer. The Integer value must range from 0 through 15.


Specifies the new value for the register as an Integer.


General parameter registers, or GPRMs, are 16-bit registers that each disc can use in unique ways for temporary data storage. A player application does not need to access these registers for any standard playback or navigation control using the MSWebDVD object. This method is provided for player applications implementing advanced functionality. Do not attempt to modify the GPRMs directly unless you have a thorough knowledge of the DVD specification and the ways in which the GPRMs are used on the particular disc to be played. Changing these values can result in unpredictable behavior.