Microsoft DirectX 9.0

SelectParentalLevel Method

The SelectParentalLevel method sets the specified parental level for subsequent playback.


MSWebDVD.SelectParentalLevel(iLevel, sUserName, sPassword);



Specifies the parental management level as an Integer. To enable the parental management, the iLevel must range from 1 through 8. To disable the parental management, set iLevel to -1.


Specifies the current user as a String. (Currently ignored.)


Specifies the password currently stored in the registry as a String.

Return Values

No return value.


This method sets the access level in the MSWebDVD object, which determines what content the user can play back. Higher levels can play lower-level content but lower levels can't play higher-level content. The exact meaning of the eight DVD parental management levels varies depending on the country/region. In the United States and Canada, the levels are mapped to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating categories. Parental management in the DVD Navigator is disabled by default.

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