Microsoft DirectX 9.0

SaveParentalCountry Method

The DVDAdm.SaveParentalCountry method saves the application's new parental country/region to the registry.


DVD.DVDAdm.SaveParentalCountry( iCountry, sUserName, sPassword);



Specifies the parental country/region as an Integer.


Specifies the user name as a String. (Currently ignored.)


Specifies the password as a String.

Return value

No return value.


This method enables a user who knows the current password to save a new parental country/region setting to the registry. As with all the methods of MSDVDAdm, this method does not affect the current level in the player; it changes only the registry setting, so that the next time the MSWebDVD object is created, it will open with the new country/region. To change the parental country/region in the player, call SelectParentalCountry, which does not change the registry setting.

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