Microsoft DirectX 9.0

RGB Filters Sample


This sample provides several filters that are useful for testing your own filters.

Filter Description
AlphaRenderer This filter renders video to an alpha blended checkerboard patter, based on the alpha values in the incoming video. It uses the media subtype MEDIASUBTYPE_ARGB32.
RateSource This source filter outputs video at a specified frame rate, for testing different frame rates. It also supports seeking.
SourceARGB This source filter outputs RGB 32 with alpha (MEDIASUBTYPE_ARGB32), for texting alpha support in downstream filters. It also supports seeking.
Source8Bit, Source555Bit, Source565Bit, Source24Bit, Source32Bit These source filters output video in various uncompressed RGB formats, for testing pin connections in downstream filters. They also support seeking.
TransNull8, TransNull555, TransNull565, TransNull24, TransNull32, TransNull32a Each of these trans-in-place filters requires a particular RGB media type. They are useful for testing pin connections in upstream filters. (They do not transform the video in any way.)
TransSmpte This filter draws a SMPTE time stamp on the video, for testing frame-accurate filters. You can write the output video to disk. This filter supports 32-bit RGB only (MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32, FORMAT_VideoInfo), although you could easily modify it for other media types.


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Filters\SampVid