Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Rendering Errors

Microsoft® DirectShow® Editing Services (DES) defines various error codes used to log rendering errors. If a project does not render correctly, the render engine calls the IAMErrorLog::LogError method. The following table summarizes the parameters given to LogError:

Note   The error codes described here are not HRESULT values. For a list of HRESULT return values specific to DES, see Error and Success Codes.

Error code Description Extra information Variant type
DEX_IDS_BAD_SOURCE_NAME File name doesn't exist, or DirectShow doesn't recognize the file extension. File name BSTR
DEX_IDS_BAD_SOURCE_NAME2 File type does not match the file extension or the file is corrupt. File name BSTR
DEX_IDS_MISSING_SOURCE_NAME File name was required, but wasn't given. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_UNKNOWN_SOURCE Cannot parse data source provided by this source. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_INSTALL_PROBLEM Unexpected error. Some DirectShow component is not installed properly. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_NO_SOURCE_NAMES Source filter does not accept file names. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_BAD_MEDIATYPE Group's media type is not supported. Group number int
DEX_IDS_STREAM_NUMBER Invalid stream number for this source. Stream number int
DEX_IDS_OUTOFMEMORY Out of memory. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_DIBSEQ_NOTALLSAME One bitmap in the sequence was not the same type as the others. Bitmap name BSTR
DEX_IDS_CLIPTOOSHORT Clip's media times are invalid, or the device-independent bitmap (DIB) sequence is too short.

Note  If other rendering errors occur, this error might occur even though the media times are valid.

None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_INVALID_DXT Class identifier (CLSID) of the effect or transition is not valid. CLSID BSTR
DEX_IDS_INVALID_DEFAULT_DXT The CLSID of the default effect or transition is not valid. CLSID BSTR
DEX_IDS_NO_3D Your version of DirectX does not support three-dimensional transitions. CLSID BSTR
DEX_IDS_BROKEN_DXT This effect is not the right kind, or is broken. CLSID BSTR
DEX_IDS_NO_SUCH_PROPERTY No such property exists on the object. Property name BSTR
DEX_IDS_ILLEGAL_PROPERTY_VAL Illegal value for this property. Value specified VARIANT
DEX_IDS_INVALID_XML Syntax rrr in XML file. Line number VT_I4 (4-byte integer)
DEX_IDS_CANT_FIND_FILTER Cannot find filter specified in XML by category and instance. Friendly name (instance) BSTR
DEX_IDS_DISK_WRITE_ERROR Error writing XML file to disk. None Not applicable
DEX_IDS_INVALID_AUDIO_FX CLSID not a valid DirectShow audio effect filter. CLSID BSTR
DEX_IDS_CANT_FIND_COMPRESSOR Cannot find a compressor to produce the specified compression format. None Not applicable

The following errors should never occur. If you encounter one of these errors, please send a bug report to Microsoft.

Error code Description
DEX_IDS_TIMELINE_PARSE Unexpected error parsing the timeline.
DEX_IDS_GRAPH_ERROR Unexpected error building the filter graph.
DEX_IDS_GRID_ERROR Unexpected error with the internal grid.
DEX_IDS_INTERFACE_ERROR Unexpected error getting an interface.