Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Programming with the TV Ratings Objects

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

To support TV ratings in an application, connect the VBI pin on the capture filter to the CC Decoder filter, and connect the CC Decoder to the XDS Codec filter.

The application does not use the EvalRat or XDSToRat objects directly. Rather, all interaction is through the Decrypter/Detagger and XDS Codec filter, respectively. (Although the Encrypter/Tagger filter hosts an EvalRat object, there is no interaction at all with it. It only uses the MostRestrictiveRating method.)

The filters handle most of the details of filtering program ratings. The application is responsible for the following tasks:

An application can set detailed allowable viewing levels using any rating system listed in the EnTvRat_System enumeration, or can create a generic system of its own. Details are given in Setting Allowable Viewing Levels.

An application can retrieve these levels for display from the Decrypter/Detagger filter. To retrieve all the attributes, an application must iterate through all the levels of a system.

When a broadcast includes a rating that goes beyond acceptable viewing levels, the Decrypter/Detagger filter immediately ceases delivering samples until an acceptable rating is received, or some other action is taken.

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