Microsoft DirectX 9.0

PlayDMO Sample


PlayDMO is a player application that demonstrates how to use DirectX Media Objects (DMOs) in DirectShow. It enables the user to open any media file, apply any number of DMO audio effects to its audio stream (if any), and play the file.


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Players\PlayDMO

Executable: (SDK root)\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow\Bin\PlayDMO.exe

User's Guide

Select a media file by typing its name in the edit box and clicking Browse For Media. Then select one or more audio effects from the Audio Effects DMOs list box. Click Apply to rebuild the filter graph with the selected DMOs. Click Play to rebuild the filter graph and play the file.

The Filters/DMOs In Graph list box displays all of the filters and DMOs in the filter graph. (The DMOs are managed by the DMO Wrapper Filter.) If you select one of these, the application displays the names of the pins. If you select a DMO while the graph is playing, the application also displays additional information about the DMO. If you select a filter or DMO that supports property pages, the application enables the Filter Properties button. Click this button to set the properties.

Note   Because the application rebuilds the filter graph when you click Play, wait until the graph is playing to set the properties. Otherwise, you will lose your settings.

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