Microsoft DirectX 9.0

NABTS/FEC VBI Codec Filter

The NABTS/FEC VBI codec decodes NABTS (North American Broadcast Teletext Specification) teletext from data in the vertical blanking interval (VBI). It also accepts hardware-decoded NABTS data. The codec delivers forward-error-corrected (FEC) SLIP packets.

Connect this filter to the BDA SLIP Deframer filter, and connect the BDA SLIP deframer to the BDA IP Sink filter. The BDA IP Sink filter delivers IP data to Winsock.

The NABTS/FEC VBI codec has two input pins:

There are no application-callable interfaces on this filter.

This filter appears in the "WDM Streaming VBI Codecs" filter category (AM_KSCATEGORY_VBICODEC). Because this is a kernel-mode filter, applications cannot create it directly using CoCreateInstance. Instead, use the System Device Enumerator. For more information, see Creating Kernel-Mode Filters.