Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MPEG-2 Section and Table Structures

This section contains reference pages for the structures used by the MPEG-2 Sections and Tables filter.

Structure Description
ATSC_FILTER_OPTIONS Specifies additional criteria for matching ATSC section headers.
DSMCC_FILTER_OPTIONS Specifies additional filtering criteria for the DSM-CC portions of the section header.
DSMCC_SECTION Represents a DSM-CC section header.
LONG_SECTION Represents a long MPEG-2 section header.
MPEG2_FILTER Specifies criteria for matching MPEG-2 section headers.
MPEG_BCS_DEMUX Identifies the filter graph that is providing the MPEG-2 data stream.
MPEG_CONTEXT Identifies the source of an MPEG-2 data stream.
MPEG_HEADER_BITS Contains the first 16 bits that follow the table_id in a generic MPEG-2 section header.
MPEG_HEADER_VERSION_BITS Contains the first 8 bits following the TSID in an MPEG-2 PSI section.
MPEG_PACKET_LIST Contains a list of MPEG-2 sections.
MPEG_RQST_PACKET Defines a buffer to receive MPEG-2 section data.
MPEG_STREAM_BUFFER Defines a buffer that receives MPEG-2 data.
MPEG_WINSOCK Not supported.
SECTION Represents a short header from an MPEG-2 section.