Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MPEG-2 Support in DirectShow

This section describes the components that you can use to play MPEG-2 content in DirectShow.

Note   Although DVD video is based on MPEG-2, this section does not describe DVD playback or navigation. For information about DVD in DirectShow, see DVD Applications.

MPEG-2 data can come from a local file, or from a live source, such as a network broadcast or D-VHS device. File playback is called pull mode, because the parser filter pulls data from the file into the filter graph. Live sources are called push mode, because the source filter pushes data into the graph.

DirectShow provides two filters that can parse MPEG-2 system streams:

DirectShow does not provide any MPEG-2 decoders or encoders. To use the MPEG-2 demux or MPEG-2 splitter, you must have DirectShow-compatible MPEG-2 audio and video decoders that accept packetized elementary streams (PES).

This section contains the following topics:

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