Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MPEG2StreamType Constants

Specifies the MPEG stream type.

Constant Value Description
BDA_UNITIALIZED_MPEG2STREAMTYPE -1 MPEG-2 un-initialized streams.
Reserved1 0 Reserved for future use.
ISO_IEC_11172_2_VIDEO 1 MPEG-1 video streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_2_VIDEO 2 MPEG-2 video streams.
ISO_IEC_11172_3_AUDIO 3 MPEG-1 audio streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_3_AUDIO 4 MPEG-2 audio streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_1_PRIVATE_SECTION 5 MPEG-2 IPR protection.
ISO_IEC_13818_1_PES 6 MPEG-2 Packetized Elementary Streams.
ISO_IEC_13522_MHEG 7 MHEG-5 Audio-Visual streams.
ANNEX_A_DSM_CC 8 Digital Storage Media Command and Control streams.
ITU_T_REC_H_222_1 9 ITU-T Satellite Audio-Visual streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_6_TYPE_A 10 MPEG-2 Video Clip A streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_6_TYPE_B 11 MPEG-2 Video Clip B streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_6_TYPE_C 12 MPEG-2 Video Clip C streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_6_TYPE_D 13 MPEG-2 Video Clip D streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_1_AUXILIARY 14 MPEG-2 Auxiliary streams.
ISO_IEC_13818_1_RESERVED 15 MPEG-2 Reserved streams.
USER_PRIVATE 16 User proprietary streams.