Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The MPEG2_TRANSPORT_STRIDE structure describes the format of MPEG-2 transport stream (TS) packets. This structure allows for transports streams in which the 188-byte transport packets are not contiguous. For the purpose of this documentation, such packets are referred to as stride packets.

Stride packets are identified by the following media type:

Major Type MEDIATYPE_Stream
Format Type FORMAT_None

The format block (pbFormat) is optional. If the format block is included, it must begin with an MPEG2_TRANSPORT_STRIDE structure. This structure defines the layout of the transport packet within the stride packet. If the format block is NULL, the packets are assumed to use a set of default values; see the Remarks section for details.


    DWORD   dwOffset
    DWORD   dwPacketLength
    DWORD   dwStride



Specifies the offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the packet to the first byte of the embedded transport packet. The value must range from zero to (dwStride - dwPacketLength), inclusive.


Specifies the length of the embedded transport packet, in bytes. For standard MPEG-2 transport packets, the value must be 188 bytes.


Specifies the length of the entire stride packet, in bytes. The value must be at least (dwOffset + dwPacketLength).


The following diagram illustrates the relations between the structure members.

MPEG-2 stride packet

Input buffers that contain multiplexed stride packets have some restrictions:

There is no restriction on the number of stride packets per buffer.

If the media type does not contain a format block (pbFormat is NULL), the following default values are used:

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