Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MediaLocator Object

Provides methods for validating file names in DirectShow Editing Services (DES). You can use the MediaLocator object to ensure that a given file name and path correspond to an existing file. This object also provides a way to search for the file at other locations, and to display an Open dialog box so that the user can locate the file.

The timeline and the render engine also support file name validation through the following methods:

Typically, a DES application will call these methods rather than directly create an instance of the MediaLocator object.

This object has the following methods.

Method Description
AddFoundLocation Adds a directory to the directory cache.
FindMediaFile Searches for a file and, if successful, retrieves the path to the file.


Include a reference in your project to "Dexter 1.0 Type Library" (Qedit.dll).