Microsoft DirectX 9.0

KaraokeAudioPresentationMode Property

The KaraokeAudioPresentationMode property sets or retrieves the right-left speaker mix for the auxiliary karaoke channels.


[iMode ] = MSWebDVD.KaraokeAudioPresentationMode

Return Values

Returns an integer value containing a set of bit flags indicating how the auxiliary karaoke channels are downmixed to the left and right speakers.


This property is read/write with a default value of zero.

Audio channels are zero-based, so channels 0 and 1 generally represent the right and left speaker channels and channels 2 through 4 are the three auxiliary karaoke channels. When the MSWebDVD object enters karaoke mode, it automatically mutes channels 2 and higher. Use bitwise OR operations to set the appropriate bit in order to send an auxiliary channel to the left speaker, right speaker, both speakers (both bits on), or to no speakers (both bits off). These bits are all off by default whenever the DVD Navigator enters karaoke mode. The value of the bits and their corresponding action is given in the following table.

Value Description
0x0004 Downmix Channel 2 to the left speaker
0x0008 Downmix Channel 3 to the left speaker
0x0010 Downmix Channel 4 to the left speaker
0x0400 Downmix Channel 2 to the right speaker
0x0800 Downmix Channel 3 to the right speaker
0x1000 Downmix Channel 4 to the right speaker

Example Code

The following code example shows how to send channel 2 to the left speaker and channels 3 and 4 to the right channel by using a bitwise OR operation.

  var iMode = 0;
  iMode = 0x0004 | 0x0800 | 0x1000 ; 
  DVD.KaraokeAudioPresentationMode = iMode;

To retrieve the value of KaraokeAudioPresentationMode, use a bitwise AND operation against the possible values, as shown in the following code example.

  if (DVD.KaraokeAudioPresentationMode & 0x0004)
     // Channel 2 is being sent to the left speaker
  if (DVD.KaraokeAudioPresentationMode & 0x0008)
     // Channel 3 is being sent to the left speaker
  // And so on for all possible values