Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IVPBaseConfig Interface

IVPBaseConfig is implemented on a filter that wraps a hardware device such as a decoder or capture device, if the device has a video port to the graphics adapter. This interface allows the video port to communicate with the Overlay Mixer filter regarding configuration information. The IVPConfig interface derives from this interface.

Applications never use this interface.


Requires Dvp.h, Vptype.h, Vpconfig.h.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IVPBaseConfig interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
GetConnectInfo Retrieves information about the connections supported by the VPE object.
GetMaxPixelRate Retrieves the maximum pixel rate the device will output for a given width and height.
GetOverlaySurface Queries whether the caller should use the driver's overlay surface, and if so, returns a pointer to the surface.
GetVideoFormats Retrieves the video formats the driver supports.
GetVPDataInfo Retrieves the current video port data information.
InformVPInputFormats Informs the device what video formats the video port supports.
SetConnectInfo Sets the video port connection parameters.
SetDDSurfaceKernelHandles Specifies the kernel-mode handles of the DirectDraw surfaces to be used for the overlay suface.
SetDirectDrawKernelHandle Sets the kernel-mode handle to the DirectDraw object.
SetInvertPolarity Reverses the current polarity the driver uses.
SetSurfaceParameters Informs the device of the layout of the overlay surface.
SetVideoFormat Sets the video format.
SetVideoPortID Specifies the ID of the hardware video port to use.

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