Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IVMRImagePresenterExclModeConfig Interface

The IVMRImagePresenterExclModeConfig interface inherits from IVMRImagePresenterConfig and provides methods for setting and retrieving the renderering preferences on the Exclusive Mode Allocator-Presenter. This interface is exposed on the DirectDraw Exclusive Mode Allocator-Presenter object. When applications run in DirectDraw Exclusive Mode, they must create their own DirectDraw object, configure the VMR to use the Exclusive Mode Allocator-Presenter, and use this interface to inform the VMR about the DirectDraw object and the primary surface associated with it. For more information, see DirectDraw Exclusive Mode.

In additions to the methods inherited from IVMRImagePresenterConfig, the IVMRImagePresenterExclModeConfig interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
SetXlcModeDDObjAndPrimarySurface Informs the VMR of the DirectDraw object and primary surface that were created by the application.
GetXlcModeDDObjAndPrimarySurface Retrieves the DirectDraw object and primary surface currently being used by a VMR that has been configured for DirectDraw Exclusive Mode using the SetXlcModeDDObjAndPrimarySurface method.