Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IMSVidStreamBufferSourceEvent Interface

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The IMSVidStreamBufferSourceEvent interface is used to receive events from the MSVidStreamBufferSource object.

This interface is an outgoing connection-point interface. To receive events from a playback device, implement this interface and then call the IConnectionPoint::Advise method to establish a connection.

In addition to the methods inherited from IMSVidFilePlaybackEvent, the IMSVidStreamBufferSourceEvent interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
CertificateFailure The object failed to get an encryption/decription license.
CertificateSuccess The object succeeded in getting an encryption/decription license.
ContentBecomingStale Called when the stream buffer source lags behind the stream buffer sink.
RatingsBlocked The object has blocked the stream, because the rating is not allowed under the current permissions.
RatingsChanged The current rating has changed.
RatingsUnblocked The object has unblocked the stream.
StaleDataRead Called when the MSVidStreamBufferSource object reads from a temporary recording file that has been marked for deletion.
StaleFileDeleted Called when a temporary recording file is deleted.
TimeHole Called when playback reaches a gap in the recorded content.