Microsoft DirectX 9.0


This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The put_FeaturesActive method specifies a collection of features to activate.


HRESULT put_FeaturesActive(
  IMSVidFeatures*  pVal



[in]  Specifies a pointer to the IMSVidFeatures interface on a collection of features.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. If it fails, it returns an error code.


Features represent additional capabilities beyond basic tuning and rendering, such as closed captioning or IP data services. When the Video Control builds the filter graph, it uses the active features collection to configure the graph.

For a default graph, it is not necessary to specify the active features. To activate a feature, create a new MSVidFeatures collection object. Then use the IMSVidCtl::get_FeaturesAvailable method to enumerate the available features, and call IMSVidDevice::get__ClassID on each feature. If the CLSID matches the feature you wish to activate, add that feature to your MSVidFeatures collection. Then call put_FeaturesActive with a pointer to the MSVidFeatures collection.

If the Video Control's state is not STATE_UNBUILT, call the IMSVidCtl::Decompose to tear down the filter graph before calling this method.

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