Microsoft DirectX 9.0


This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The get_VideoRenderersAvailable method retrieves a collection of video renderers available on the local system.


HRESULT get_VideoRenderersAvailable(
  IMSVidVideoRendererDevices**  ppVal



[out]  Address of a variable that receives an IMSVidVideoRendererDevices interface pointer.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. If it fails, it returns an error code.


This method returns a collection of video renderer devices. Use the returned IMSVidVideoRendererDevices pointer to enumerate the collection.

Note   In the current implementation, the collection always contains exactly one item: an MSVidVideoRenderer object that represents the Video Mixing Renderer filter.

The returned IMSVidVideoRendererDevices interface has an outstanding reference count. The caller must release the interface.

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