Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The GetBufferAndLength method retrieves the buffer and the size of the valid data in the buffer.


HRESULT GetBufferAndLength(
    BYTE** ppBuffer,  
    DWORD* pcbLength



[out] Address of a pointer that receives the buffer array. Can be NULL if pcbLength is not NULL.


[out] Pointer to a variable that receives the size of the valid data, in bytes. Can be NULL if ppBuffer is not NULL.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value. Possible values include those in the following table.

Return Code Description
E_POINTER NULL pointer argument
S_OK Success


Either parameter can be NULL, in which case it does not receive a value. At least one parameter must be non-NULL. If both parameters are NULL, the method returns E_POINTER.

The value returned in the pcbLength parameter is the size of the valid data in the buffer, not the buffer's allocated size. To obtain the buffer's allocated size, call the IMediaBuffer::GetMaxLength method.

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