Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The QuerySupport method ascertains whether a property in a property set is supported on the port or device.


HRESULT QuerySupport(
  REFGUID rguidPropSet,
  ULONG ulId,
  PULONG pulTypeSupport



Reference to (C++) or address of (C) a GUID representing the property set to be queried.


Item within the property set to be accessed. Items are indexed from 0 and are always the same for a given property set.


Address of a variable that receives information about support for the property. This variable can receive one or both of the following flags. See Remarks.

Value Description
KSPROPERTY_SUPPORT_GET The property item may be retrieved.
KSPROPERTY_SUPPORT_SET The property item may be set.

Return Values

Return values are determined by the designer of the property set.

If the method succeeds, the return value may be S_OK. (See Remarks.)

If it fails, the method may return one of the following error values:

Return code
E_NOTIMPL (See Remarks.)


Whether it is valid to support some properties within the set but not others depends on the definition of the property set. Consult the hardware manufacturer's specification for the property set of interest.

Some implementations may return S_OK when the property is not supported, and others may return E_NOTIMPL. To be sure that a property is supported, check both the return value of the method and the value returned in pulTypeSupport. If S_OK is returned but pulTypeSupport does not contain a valid flag, the property is not supported.


  Header: Declared in dsound.h.

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