Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The IsModeEnabled method queries whether a specified display mode is enabled.


HRESULT IsModeEnabled(
  long Mode



[in] Index of the display mode to query.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULT value. Possible values include the following.

Value Description
E_INVALIDARG Index out of range.
S_FALSE The display mode is disabled.
S_OK The display mode is enabled.


The Full Screen Renderer supports a static set of display modes. By default, every mode is enabled. You can enable or disable a display mode by calling the IFullScreenVideoEx::SetEnabled. The IsEnabled method retrieves the current setting for the specified mode.

The video card on the user's system might not support every mode. The Full Screen Renderer will not use a mode that the video card does not support, even if that mode is enabled. To determine whether the card supports a particular mode, call the IFullScreenVideoEx::IsModeAvailable method. If a mode is disabled, the Full Screen Renderer will not use it, even if the card supports it.

Display modes are indexed from zero. The IFullScreenVideoEx::CountModes method returns the number of modes.

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