Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The put_AlphaRamp method specifies the alpha ramp property. The alpha ramp is the percentage by which the alpha values in the original image are adjusted. For example, if the alpha ramp is 0.5, the alpha values in the image are reduced 50%.


HRESULT put_AlphaRamp(
    double Alpha



[in] Specifies the alpha ramp as a percentage. For example, 1.0 is 100%. To disable this property, set a negative value.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULT value.


If you set this property to a non-negative value, you must also disable the alpha property, by calling put_Alpha with a negative value. Otherwise the effect will not render correctly.


Header: Include Qedit.h. This header file is not compatible with Microsoft® Direct3D® headers later than version 7.

Library: Use strmiids.lib.

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