Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The SetRGB219 method controls the dynamic range for DV encoding and decoding.

The DV video format has a dynamic range of 16–235. By default, when the DV Video Decoder decodes to 24-bit or 32-bit RGB, it stretches the color range from to 0–255. Similarly, the DV Video Encoder compresses 24-bit RGB into the 16-235 range. In RGB-219 mode, the decoder does not stretch the color range, and the encoder does not compress the color range. Use the SetRGB219 method to toggle between the default mode and RGB-219 mode.


  BOOL bState



[in] Boolean value that specifies the filter's encoding or decoder behavior.

Value Description
TRUE Enable RGB-219 mode.
FALSE Disable RGB-219 mode. Use the default mode.

Return Values

Returns S_OK if successful. Otherwise, returns an HRESULT failure code.


For the encoder, this method has no effect unless the input type is RGB-24. For the decoder, it has no effect unless the output type is RGB-24 or RGB-32.

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