Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Note   The IDvdInfo interface is deprecated. Use IDvdInfo2 instead.

Retrieves the number of available subpicture streams, the currently selected subpicture stream number, and whether the subpicture display is disabled.


HRESULT GetCurrentSubpicture(
    ULONG *pnStreamsAvailable,
    ULONG *pnCurrentStream,
    BOOL *pIsDisabled



[out] Pointer to the retrieved number of available subpicture streams.


[out] Pointer to the retrieved number of the currently selected subpicture stream.


[out] Pointer to a value indicating whether the subpicture display is disabled.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value .

Return code Description
E_UNEXPECTED DVD is not initialized or domain is not DVD_DOMAIN_Title.
S_OK Success.
VFW_E_DVD_INVALIDDOMAIN Requested action is not supported on this domain (DVD_DOMAIN).
VFW_E_DVD_OPERATION_INHIBITED Requested action cannot occur at this point in the movie due to the authoring of the current DVD-Video disc.


Subpicture streams authored as forcedly activated streams will be displayed even if the application has disabled subpicture display with the IDvdControl::SubpictureStreamChange method.

This method returns an error unless the domain is DVD_DOMAIN_Title. For more information, see DVD_DOMAIN.

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