Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Note   The IDvdControl interface is deprecated. Use IDvdControl2 instread.

Sets the parental access level for the current media file.


HRESULT ParentalLevelSelect(
    ULONG ulParentalLevel



Value that specifies the current media file parental access level. Should be a value from 1 to 8, inclusive. Predefined parental levels are as follows:

Value Description
1 The rating is G, General.
3 The rating is PG, Parental Guidance Suggested.
4 The rating is PG-13, Parental Guidance Suggested, not recommended for those under 13.
6 The rating is R, Restricted.
7 The rating is NC-17.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value.


This method returns an error unless the domain is DVD_DOMAIN_Stop. For more information, see DVD_DOMAIN.

This method sets the current user's access level; this access level determines what media files the user can play back. Higher levels can play lower-level content; lower levels can't play higher-level content. For example, adults can watch child-safe content, but children can't watch adult content.

The DVD Navigator filter provides no restriction on setting the parental level. DVD player applications can enforce restrictions on the parental level setting, such as providing password protection for raising the current parental level. Parental management in the DVD Navigator is disabled by default.

To disable parental management, pass 0xffffffff for ulParentalLevel. If parental management is disabled, then the player will play the first program chain (PGC) in a parental block regardless of parental IDs.

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