Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Note   The IDvdControl interface is deprecated. Use IDvdControl2 instread.

Selects and activates the specified button.


HRESULT ButtonSelectAndActivate(
    ULONG uiButton



[in] Value that specifies the button that will be selected and activated, which must be from 1 through 36.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value.


Electronic remote control devices typically have a number of buttons that activate various functions of a DVD playback unit. Typically, you call this method when a user clicks a button on the control device; DirectShow then indicates that the button was selected (by playing a sound or changing a graphic, for example) and calls methods appropriate to which button was selected, such as ButtonActivate.

This method returns an error unless the domain is DVD_DOMAIN_VideoManagerMenu, DVD_DOMAIN_VideoTitleSetMenu, or DVD_DOMAIN_Title. For more information, see DVD_DOMAIN.

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