Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The SelectKaraokeAudioPresentationMode method sends karaoke auxiliary channels to the left or right speakers.


HRESULT SelectKaraokeAudioPresentationMode(
  ULONG ulMode



[in] Bitwise OR of DVD_KARAOKE_DOWNMIX enumeration indicating how to downmix the five karaoke channels to channels 0 and 1, which are usually output to the left and right speakers.

Return Values

Returns one of the following values.

Return code Description
S_OK Success.
VFW_E_DVD_INVALIDDOMAIN The DVD Navigator filter is in an invalid domain.
VFW_E_DVD_OPERATION_INHIBITED UOP control prohibits the current operation.


When the DVD Navigator enters karaoke mode, it queries the audio decoder to discover whether it supports karaoke downmixing. If the decoder supports it, then channels 2 through 4 (the karaoke auxiliary channels with the guide vocals, guide melodies, and sound effects) are muted. Use this method to turn individual channels on or off and direct them to channels 0 and 1.

This method is demonstrated in the DVDSample application in CKaraokeDlg::DoModal.

The following table shows the Annex J command name to which this method name corresponds, and the domains in which this method is valid.

Annex J Command Name Valid Domains
Karaoke_Audio_Presentation_Mode_Change DVD_DOMAIN_VideoManagerMenu

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